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This explains about bible.
The focus at Bible History . The Bible is about God's activities in history. Knowledge of the historical background of the Bible is essential to any serious student of the Scriptures.
The Bible claims to be “the word of God.” It records the interaction of God with historical people and nations. It reveals the meaning of life and the responsibility of human beings to their Creator.
Recent archaeological discoveries as well as comparative historical research and philological studies, along with an analysis and interpretation of the Old Testament text have made possible a fuller and more reliable picture of Biblical history than in previous eras.The Bible religious book for Judaism and Christianity
The bible has two Testaments namely Old Testaments and New Testaments.
It deals with actual people in an actual geographical area during actual specified historical times who had contact with other actual peoples and empires whom we know of from sources outside the Bible.
The Old Testament has…

* 39 books
* 929 chapters
* 23,214 verses
* 593,493 words
* Longest book: Psalms
* Shortest book: Obadiah (3rd shortest book in the Bible)

The New Testament has…

* 27 books
* 260 chapters
* 7,959 verses
* 181,253 words
* Longest book: Acts
* Shortest book in the Bible: 3 John (fewest number of words / 2 John has more words, but one fewer verses.)
* 5 history books (Acts and the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
* 21 letters (epistles)
* 1 book of prophecy (Revelation)

Last word in the Bible: Amen

Longest chapter: Psalm

Shortest chapter (number of words): Psalm 117

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