Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Australia-China ties

Australia's ambassador to China has returned home as relationship between the two nations continue to sour, but australian capital Canberra denies he was recalled for emergency talks,
despite China media branding Australia "sino-phobic".Australia-China ties have been strained high by the recent arrest of an Australian mining executive in Shanghai
on allegations of commercial espionage, and by Australia's granting of a visa to an exiled leader of China's restive Muslim Uighur there was a clash between Muslim Uighur and other chinese killed many life Australian Ambassador Geoff Raby arrived Australia on Wednesday for what Australian newspapers described as emergency meetings
as Sino-Australia relations continue to deteriorate. But Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said on Thursday the meetings were routine. "He hasn't been rushed back to Canberra.
He comes back on a regular basis," Smith told national radio.
Australia, in stressing the strength of its ties with China, has pointed to this week's $41.5 billion deal to sell
liquefied natural gas to PetroChina.

But the China Daily, the Communist Party's official English-language paper, carried an editorial on Wednesday saying
Australia's "sino-phobic politicians" were leading the world's "anti-China chorus" and siding with Uighur leader Rebiya

The China Daily said Australia had itself to blame for the cancellation of a visit last month by Vice-Minister for Foreign
Affairs because Canberra had granted Kadeer a visa.

"The cancellation of a visit to Australia by Chinese vice-foreign minister is a restrained and reasonable response on
the part of Beijing when that country has challenged China's core national interests," it said.

"By providing Kadeer a platform for anti-Chinese separatist activities, Canberra chose to side with a terrorist and
severely hurt China's national interests."

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