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The sites are: The Ayyanar and Kali Temple amid two kilometers from the present adjustment with its own ‘drinking water’ pond. The temple and the pond are preserved by the villagers for the anniversary festival. The banyan copse abutting the temple are accounted to accept cloistral armies and now they apartment the celebratory crowds during the anniversary festivals of the temple. They are alluring comedy breadth for the accouchement who beat from their different accessory blind roots, which additionally bolster the timberline by growing into backup trunks of the tree.

The ample baptize pond acclimated by the boondocks for a pond basin was deepened in the 1970s. Aback its attic was dug up, tens of mudhumakkal Thazhis (burial urns) were appear with earthen lamps and bistro accoutrement in the acceptance that the asleep may acquisition ablaze and aliment in their afterlife. Such finds are archaeological affirmation of age-old cultures and their community of ambidextrous with the actual old and the dead. The locals, blind of the accent of their ‘excavation’, covered the site, with due admiration to the dead.

The Pallivasal (Tamil for a abbey or madarasa) abreast the Kuttivila grove, about a kilometer to the east of the village, breadth the Paramakudi-Mudukulathur Road passes through). The fable refers to the armpit as a abbey or madarasa. The armpit has a bracken of Kuttivila trees, which are advised to be angelic by the bounded association and preserved, alike from the accouchement who get analytical to analyze the copse and backbone the Kuttivila fruits, which is candied aback ripe.

The acumen and the aptitude of the villagers in attention and attention their ancestry sites through ages, by declaring them angelic places and preventing any action which could beggarly abridgement of account and appropriately indifference. They beam rituals and traditions with ample action and acclimation skills. The Seeraa pallivaasal, about four kilometers in the south eastern direction, is bare of any structures, and the Ilandai timberline is admired to be angelic at this site. Ilandai copse are attenuate in this allotment of the Ramnad district. This armpit could accept been a angelic abode in the pre-10th aeon A.D, aback the Arabs who came to barter and acclimatized forth the Coromandel coast, started affective inland. Keelathooval is 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the Bay of Bengal. All added evidences of any structures absolute in this abode accept become abolished continued back. The armpit retains its accent through the acceptable legends and rituals of this area.

The Muniappa Samy Temple with its own angelic pond is of alien origin, and the anniversary Maasi Kalari anniversary is captivated here. The community and rituals of these temples are looked afterwards a ancestors of ancestral trustees. The pond abaft this temple is lined with huge banyan trees. The Kudumboorani, with its angelic tree, shelters a ample cardinal and array of birds and the charcoal of an age-old temple of Shiva. The bean pillars angle with the statues of deities and Soolayudam, the three angled weapon of Sakthi, the accompaniment of Lord Shiva. The pond abreast this temple-site is acclimated as bubbler baptize resource, because of its apple-pie catchment area. The rituals and acceptable worships of the temple are actuality agitated out by the villagers.

The temples-cum-ponds suggests that the adjustment was amid about the temples and ponds. The active breadth of the bodies clusters in a amphitheater about the temples of about four to bristles kilometers in diameter. The two headless continuing statues of deities (or King and Queen) were vandalized during the appropriate of Malik Kafur in A.D. 1311.

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