Sunday, November 22, 2009


Kuadam (also accepted as Kua or added bargain Kapadapuram) was the basic of the age-old Pandian commonwealth of the Meen'Koodal aeon (the additional Sangam academy). The admirable old artist and academician Nakkeerar and the Iraiyanaar porul'urai mentions that Kuadam was the basic from c.5400 BCE to c.1750 BCE (about 3650 years).

Around 1750 BCE, the aftermost abundant deluge abounding Kuadam and the actual allotment of the Kumari kaandam always (similar to the Biblical almanac of "the flood" age-old amid 3402 BC and 2462 BC).

Kuadam was to the arctic of the age-old Paqruli river about 700 kaadham south of the Kumari river delta.

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