Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Great Pyramid of Giza (also alleged the Pyramid of Khufu and Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and better of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis adjoining what is now El Giza, Egypt, and is the alone one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Apple that survives essentially intact. It is believed the pyramid was congenital as a tomb for Fourth absolutism Egyptian King Khufu (Cheops in Greek) and complete over a 20 year aeon absolute about 2540 BC. The Great Pyramid was the tallest counterfeit anatomy in the apple for over 3,800 years. Originally the Great Pyramid was covered by case stones that formed a bland alien surface, and what is apparent today is the basal amount structure. Some of the case stones that already covered the anatomy can still be apparent about the base. There accept been capricious accurate and another theories apropos the Great Pyramid's architecture techniques. Most accustomed architecture theories are based on the abstraction that it was congenital by affective huge stones from a quarry and boring and appropriation them into place.

There are three accepted accommodation central the Great Pyramid. The everyman alcove is cut into the basement aloft which the pyramid was congenital and was unfinished. The so-called[1] Queen's Alcove and King's Alcove are college up aural the pyramid structure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the capital allotment of a circuitous ambience of barrio that included two mortuary temples in account of Khufu (one abutting to the pyramid and one abreast the Nile), three abate pyramids for Khufu's wives, an alike abate "satellite" pyramid, a aloft causeway abutting the two temples, and baby mastaba tombs surrounding the pyramid for nobles.

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