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Lucknow and biryani accept an about accommodating relationship. The Lucknow (Awadhi) biryani is the brand that the Muslims of the Mughal Empire larboard on the eastern allotment of India. It originated in the apple 'Bare Next' and although it originated in the North, Virani Biryani has additionally best up flavors of the South. The Awadhi Biryani is additionally accepted as "Pukka" Biryani as the rice and meat are adapted alone and again layered.

Non-vegetarian Hyderabadi biryani is savored in all genitalia of India and forms an basic allotment of Indian cuisine. The Nizam's kitchen boasted of 49 kinds, which included biryani fabricated from fish, quail, shrimp, deer and hare. The Hyderabadi Biryani is alleged the "Kaccha" Biryani as both the marinated meat and the rice are adapted together.

The Calcutta or Kolkata biryani acquired from the Lucknow appearance back Wajid Ali Shah, the aftermost nawab of Awadh was adopted in 1856 to the Kolkata suburb of Metiabruz.[2] Back the biryani entered poorer homes in the burghal that could not allow meat, at atomic on a approved basis, the meat was replaced by potatoes. Now the use of potatoes has become a audible affection of the Calcutta biryani as an added additive forth with the meat

In Iran, this bowl is fabricated in Isfahan with broiled mutton and lung that is broiled again minced alone and again broiled in appropriate baby annular bank pans in the oven or over the fire. The burgers are about served, with delicate cinnamon, in a bounded bread, usually "nan-e taftoon" but additionally sometimes "nan-e sangak".

In its added aboriginal form, the bowl is accepted with the accepted name of "Dam Pukht/ Dan-pukhtak". The admixture in Persian agency "steam-cooked"--a advertence to the aflame rice that forms the base of the dish. This name is still in accepted use in Iran besides "biryani". In Southeast Asian countries such as Burma/Myanmar this older, accepted Persian appellation is in accepted use as "'danpauk' (see below)

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