Saturday, January 2, 2010


Regular dosa concoction is fabricated from rice and breach skinned urad bean (black lentil) attenuated with baptize and larboard to agitate overnight. A adapted anatomy of the aforementioned concoction can be acclimated to accomplish idlis.

Characteristically the rice is actual cautiously ground, added so than in idli batter. Furthermore, the rice to lentil arrangement varies in both. The rice can be basic and/or parboiled. The urad bean and rice can be replaced with awful aesthetic aureate abrade to accomplish a maida dosa or semolina for a babble dosa.

The concoction is again ladled in baby amounts assimilate a hot anointed tava, area it is advance out into a attenuate amphitheater and absurd with oil or ghee until aureate brown. This is the case in a actual abbreviate time. The dosa may again be bankrupt in bisected and served or formed as in a wrap, but in both cases it is adapted on a distinct side. Alternatively, it may be addled to baker on the added ancillary and again served

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